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Art brings us together when we’re apart

Not only has the global pandemic canceled most of the burn events in 2020 across the world, it’s also created barriers in how our local burn communities interact and bond. Art- the creation and sharing of- is the cornerstone of what we do (and why we push ourselves so hard) and it would be a shame not to continue to build, express, and share. The need for social distancing practices makes many interactions unwise at best, so we have needed to evolve our strategies to support our community and share experiences collectively, even though we must remain physically separated at this time. 

Presenting: The Burner Art Safari 2020.
An art tour experience shaped by these interesting times.

**This ongoing art tour is open to EVERYONE and ANYONE, EVERYWHERE. We support radical inclusion, period**

Show Your Art
Do you have art in your front yard or another publicly accessible location (i.e. visible from the street) that people can view from the comfort of their cars or the safety of the sidewalk that you’d like to share? The team is happy to add permanent and temporary projects alike. Please complete this form if you would like for it to be included in a community run art map. Thank you so much for being part of this experience!

Educate Your Local Community
If you choose to share your art, consider adding signage that helps your friends and neighbors know a little bit about what the Burner Art Safari is and the community that is driving it. These interesting times provides us with a unique opportunity to educate our neighbors about burner culture and spread the word. An example (photo) can be found below in the gallery. A current version can be found at:  

Experience Art
Before you click on the map, please note the following:

DO NOT Trespass- Please don’t waltz into anyone’s property uninvited. Stay in your car/on your bike/on the street/sidewalk. If you happen to see someone, feel free to wave and thank them- don’t go ringing doorbells or charging them for conversation. Please do not insult their gift to the community by crossing boundaries. Social distancing is important. 

DO NOT Touch The Art- This is not an invitation to mess with people’s art. Touching other people’s stuff is not respectful and clearly not in the spirit of social distancing. 

PHOTOGRAPHY- If you see a sign near the art specifically asking you not to take pictures, don’t. 

Got it? Great. You can find the Burner Art Safari 2020 Map here: 

Sharing is Caring
Spread the word! The Burner Art Safari team is committed to adding projects to the map on a weekly, continual, basis. Tell your friends, campmates, community about this experience if you so choose. The more art, the better! 

For inclusion on this main, global map, please note that the art must be accessible to everybody- there must always be a "free" way to share in the experience. 

If you are participating (or have participated) in the burner art safari and would like a photo of your art included in the gallery below, please contact us. 
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